Operating Since 2008

Founded in 2008, ESAVIOR GREEN ENERGY has become the leading manufacturer of LED Solar Street Light (All in One) in global market. After years of continually innovating and improving, we have been highly praised by 120+ customers from over 80 countries for our turnkey renewable energy solutions.

Focus on LED Solar Light (All in One) Manufacturing

We have integrated our wealth of experience and spirit of craftsman to our reliable LED Solar Light (All in One) solutions.

R&D Supported by Famous Universities

Our R&D center cooperated with the most famous Chinese technology university Tsinghua University. With innovative technology support from universities, we managed to keep our unique position of solar charging and solar lighting controller.

Full Supply Chain Quality Assurance System

Under our unique Full Supply Chain Quality Assurance System created in 2013, we managed to lower our defects report of products within warranty period to 0.5%.

Successful Government & NGO Project Experience

Supported by our reliable product quality, our distributors in different countries have managed to win projects from government, UNDP, UNHCR, the World Bank and other NGOs. In 2014, ESAVIOR was appointed by Hunan provincial government as recommended supplier for solar street light government projects in China.

Professional Green Energy System Solutions Supplier

Our comprehensive understanding of all green energy technologies allows us to work out the most appropriate technology or multi technology solutions to meet the individual requirements of our clients. Our core technology advantages, reliable QA system and maturing supply chain enabled us to expand our business to a wide range of green business range including solar/wind hybrid street lights, solar power generation, solar/wind hybrid power generation, solar pumping systems etc.