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2018 40W Integrated Solar Street Light in Tuspark,Guangzhou,China

Newly 40 W all in one solar street light installed in January 2018 in Tuspark,Guangzhou,China.Integrated 40 W solar street lights are bright enough for park,community area,village road and path lane;Got TUV report for the good quality.

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40W all in one solar street light installed in Tuspark Guangzhou,China.

Led:Seoul 40W,170lm/W
Batteries:LiFePO4 Lithium,12.V/27AH
Controller:MPPT warterproof class:IP68
Sensor:Microwave Radar(PIR & Timing as optional)

After installing Esavior 40W  integrated street light,Lights are performance good and brighter than before.

New Design of Esavior all in one solar street light will just take 5-10 mins to install.

Reduce the large amount electricity fee and solar energy meet the concept of Green Technology Park.

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