Esavior Get the Government Projects in South Africa and Botswana

Jun.5, 2015, VG Solar, the distributor and strategic partners of Esavior for South Africa and Botswana visited Esavior and have a factory tour for 2 days. The 2 companies have set forth the plan of taking part in several government projects in South Africa and Botswana during this meeting.

“With the strict Full Workflow QA System and support from a reliable supplier of all in one solar street light as Esavior, we are much more confidential to achieve more and more projects in the near future.” Mr. Michael Williams, the director of VG said after visiting the Full Workflow QA system equipped facility of Esavior for all in one solar street light.

During this meeting, the two companies have got agreement to set forth the long term partnership to work together for the following government projects:

* Rural lighting projects held by Gauteng province government;

Smart city project for Francistown, the second city in Botswana;

* 98km highway all in one solar street light project in Botswana held by the World Bank

* City solar street light in JNB

1x20’ container of Esavior brand all in one solar street lights will be shipped to South Africa within June, 2015.

“It’s really a happy and fruitful trip. Cheers for our friendship, partnership and awesome future!” Mr. Michael Williams and Mr. Craig Morgan raised their glasses at the end of farewell dinner together with Mr. Leo Leung, the sales director of Esavior.