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Solar Pest Killing Lamp Model No. EGE-SSC-4524

Solar Pest Killing Lamp
Solar Pest Killing Light
Pest Killing Light
Solar Pest Killer
Solar Bug Killer

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Using the latest solar power technologies, our powerful LED Solar Pest Killing Lamp offers exceptional killing effects to over 2000 different pests with substantial energy savings,
reduced maintenance costs and carbon emissions, free of pesticide pollution. 
Ideal environment friendly way for garden, farm, orchard, forest etc. pest killing. Once installed the lamp charge up by solar during the day and light up automatically at night for 6hrs or your required hours. 
It attracts fly pests with and kills them by high-voltage fence around the light source. All killed pests will drop into the collect bag to avoid pollution to the environment.


  • 5500Vac high voltage for effective killing
  • <10mA low current for safety of human being
  • 2000+ kinds of pests killed with 320~680Nm wavelength
  • 10 Sections in-built timer according to pests routines
  • 120M effective killing radius, cover 11 acres
  • MPPT charging inbuilt, rain proof automatic cut-off
  • 100% powered by solar, no cabling for off-grid use
  • 5 days continual rainy/cloudy autonomy
  • 8+ years battery life, 25 years product lifespan
  • 3 Years warranty for solar power system
  • Stainless steel  + Aluminum + UV ABS for anti-corrosion
  • No pollution of pesticide, noise and hazard light
  • Easy to install & maintenance free


Pests Attracting
Light Source
Max Wattage 12V/15W
Type UV fluorescent (LED as optional)
Start-up Time 5 s
Covering Area 120M (11 acres) for farm/ 80M (5 acres) for forest 
Wavelength 320~680Nm for fluorescent/ 365~620Nm for LED
High Voltage Fence Working Voltage 5500 Vac
Max Current < 10mA
Grilles Distance 6mm
Pests Impact Area 0.21 
Insulation Resistance  2.5 
Materials Stainless steel
Controller Charger/Inverter Inbuilt MPPT+Micro Inverter to 5500Vac
Protection Over-charging protection, over-discharging protection, reverse connection protection, 
rain proof protection,lightning protection, light control, 
10 sections Intelligent timer according to pests routines.
Solar Panel Power 18V/30Wp Polycrystalline PV
Life-span 25 years
Batteries Capacity/Type 12.8V/18AH (230.40WH) / LiFePO4 Lithium
Life-span 8+ years (3,000 circles @ 60% DoD)
Full Charge Time By Solar 8 hours (STC: 1000W/, 25 )
Discharge Time Full Power >15 hours
Autonomy for 5 continual rainy/cloudy days
Working Temp. 0~+80
Mounting Height Recommended 2.0~3.5M
Certificate CE / ROHS / IP66/TUV-SUD ISO9001/ ISO14001
Warranty 3 years (1 year for fluorescent light source)
Packing & Weight Lamp Carton: 400*400*800mm (0.128CBM) @ 1pcs/CTN
Gross Weight:  3.0kgs
Solar Panel CTN: 550*550*140mm (0.042CBM) @ 5pcs/CTN
Gross Weight:  18kgs
Sets per Container 20' GP 120
40' HQ 280


  • Farm
  • Orchard
  • Forest
  • Fish pond
  • Residential community
  • Public spaces
  • Exterior retail, commercial, hotel and leisure spaces